Mental Health Advocates of WNY

board of directors


Suzanne C. Furlani

Board Chair

Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Baynes

Vice Chair

Director of Incubation
43 North

Karen Costa


CPA and Director of General Services
Dopkins and Company, LLP


Jeffrey L. Anker, M.D

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Dept. of Psychiatry
SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine

Melinda C. Dubois

Executive Director

Mental Health Advocates of WNY

Elizabeth Woike-Ganga

President and Chief Executive Officer

BestSelf Behavioral Health

Donna Gatti, R.N.


Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

Donna Genesky

Vice President of Retail

Delaware North
Parks & Resorts

Christopher Kerr, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer

Hospice and Palliative Care Buffalo

Christine Langenfeld

Director of Marketing & Operations

Amherst Chamber of Commerce

Mark Laurrie

Superintendent of Schools

Niagara Falls City School District

Magdalena Nichols

Chief Officer of Administration & Strategic Partnerships

Jericho Road Community Health Center

Kyle W. Mack, J.D., Pharm.D.

Special Counsel

Phillips Lytle

Erin M. Moss., B.A., M.A., L.M.H.C.

Private Practice

Erin M. Moss Mental Health Counseling

Christina Pearl

Director of Corporate Communication

Horizon Corporations

Jennifer Picone

Corporate Wellness Manager

Independent Health

Melissa Spikes-Archer

Project Coordinator

Buffalo Urban League

Angelica Thomas

Psychiatric Nurse

Erie County Medical Center

Stephen Tyrpak

Director, Quality, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Garwood Medical Devices LLC

Roger Woodworth


GEM Manufacturing, Inc.

Agency Staff

Administrative Staff

Melinda C. DuBois

Executive Director

(716) 886-1242 x314

Ted Zientek

Director of Finance and Administration

(716) 886-1242 x317

Devan Sciandra


(716) 886-1242 x315

BEST (Basic Emotional Skills Training)

Mary Lou Montanari


(716) 886-1242 x338

Mary Jane Jablonski

Senior Education Specialist

(716) 886-1242 x339

Laura Zimmerman

Education Specialist

(716) 886-1242 x331

Peg Barrett

School Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x323

Child & Family Support Program

Jenny Laney


(716) 886-1242 x313

Stacie Dziwulski

Family Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x337

Dawn Tisdale

Family Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x321

Celena Barreto

Bilingual Family Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x337

Toddie Rogers

Family Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x319

Leslie Wexler

Family Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x332

Jan Ables-Register

Family Peer Advocate

Jodi Harris

Family Peer Advocate

Joyce Orlowski

Family Peer Advocate

Susan Fleming

Family Peer Advocate

Danielle Lilac

Family Peer Advocate

Ljupka Palavestra

Family Peer Advocate

Milton Williams

Family Peer Advocate

(716) 884-1242 x332

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Jodi Johnson


(716) 886-1242 x 318

Andrienne Linger

Volunteer Supervisor

(716) 886-1242 x328

Bridget McNally

Case Manager

(716) 886-1242 x347

Legal Services

Ed Martnshin


(716) 886-1242 x324

Kevin C. Condon


(716) 886-1242 x322

Nicole Blackwell

Lead Paralegal

(716) 886-1242 x330

Kyle Dominiak


(716) 886-1242

Jo Evelyn Smith


(716) 886-1242 x 320

Marketing Communications and Outreach

Carol Doggett

Senior Director of Marketing Communications and Outreach

(716) 886-1242 x350

Kelly Miskovski

Director of Community Outreach and Information & Referral

(716) 886-1242 x 326

Melissa Bellanca

Social Media and Marketing Assistant

(716) 886-1242 x311

Operation COM (Children Of the Military)

Mary A. McParlane


(716) 995-4322 x326

Youth Peer Advocates

Doug Hahn

Youth Peer Advocate Coordinator

(716) 886-1242 x345

Julianna Hill

Youth Peer Advocate Coordinator

(716) 886-1242 x 345

Brittany Barnas

Youth Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x345

Katie Bernard

Youth Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x345

Maeve Higgins

Youth Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x345

Rebecca LaMastra

Youth Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x345

Jillian Mazurek

Youth Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x345

Ben Snyder

Youth Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x345

Michael Sobotka

Youth Peer Advocate

(716) 886-1242 x346

Do You Need Help?

Information & referral specialists are available M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm to help link you to community resources, providers, or treatment services.

Call (716) 886-1242.

Test Your Mental Health

We offer a free, anonymous online mental health screening.