Storm’s a Comin’ – Tips On Positive Mental Health While Stuck Indoors

Storm’s a Comin’ – Tips On Positive Mental Health While Stuck Indoors

November, 18 2022

Caught in a storm, literally and mentally? It’s no surprise that being stuck inside your home can wreak havoc on anyone mentally. Here are tips for good mental health when you cannot leave your home and need a positive reset.

  • Catch up on household projects
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Monitor your alcohol use
    • It’s easy to indulge more than you usually do, so remember that it can be easy to fall into a pattern of heavier use, especially in times of stress
  • Find time for yourself
    • Take a bath. Light some candles. Read a good book. Find a quiet activity for your children and take that moment to do something for yourself!
  • Reach out for support
    • Whether you live alone or with others, it’s important to connect with people. We learned this, especially in the early days of the Covid pandemic.
    • Use technology
      • MHAWNY Teen and 20 Something groups are hybrid and are conducted entirely online if weather doesn’t permit in person meetings
      • Phone video apps – Facetime with loved ones
      • Zoom with family and/or friends
      • Facebook video
      • Online support groups such as Mental Health America’s interactive group called Inspire which allows you to search specific mental health topics
      • Take a mental health screening. Click here for the screening
  • Check in on others  
    • Especially older adults who may be isolated
    • It’s good for your mental health to be able to help others – it gets you “out of your own head”
  • Take time to enjoy a hobby
    • Do something that brings you joy
  • Play outside in the snow!
  • Movie night
    • Families, couples, or even friends who live together – movie nights can be a great way to make the shared experience of being stuck inside more enjoyable
    • This promotes a sense of togetherness
  • Do nothing
    • When was the last time you just did nothing? Many peoples’ lives are so hectic that they rarely have the time to relax and unwind. It’s okay to give yourself permission to take a break from the day-to-day grind and enjoy a moment of freedom.
    • Rest

Thanks to MHA’s Karl Shallowhorn for these helpful suggestions. Call 716.886.1242 if you need mental health support. We are here to help.

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