Envision Wellness WNY

2496 Elmwood Avenue
Phone: 716-877-6763
Website: www.envisionwellnesswny.com
Focus Areas: Depression, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Suicide
Mental Health Outpatient:
Individuals 18 years and older receive individualized services for acute or chronic conditions requiring long- or short-term treatment. This clinic specializes in serving patients with a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. Options for treatment include; Psychiatric assessment, medication management, and in-home therapy, in person or remotely.  In addition, treatment can be provided for less acute conditions such as symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders.
Wellness Community:
A unique comprehensive and intensive program for individuals who are having significant difficulties in life due to mental illness who have a serious and persistent mental health diagnosis. They may also have a co-occurring substance use disorder. The program provides general therapy, addresses symptoms and negative habits, and helps build coping life skills while working toward a more independent level of functioning. Participants often attend several days per week with visits and attend several one-hour group sessions dependent on their needs. In a group delivery format, participants are provided interventions that focus on a harm reduction recovery model of both mental health and substance use disorder symptoms.
Spanish Speaking Counselor Available To Provide Behavioral Health Treatment.

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We take all insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. Some insurances will only pay for certain programs; however, a sliding fee option is available.

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