OPERATION COM (children of the military)

Since 2009, The OPERATION COM (Children of the Military) Program has been designed to help military families cope with the stresses of deployment, reunifications, and connect military families with other military families living in Western New York. The program is free for any military-connected child and their families currently enlisted, deployed, retired, or who have returned to the civilian arena.

This one-of-a-kind program uses a non-traditional approach to working with military children using hands-on creative art projects, group work, and the power of play as a means of expression. Children learn positive coping skills, how to express their feelings, and strengthen their self-confidence all while fostering family time.

Since 2009, Operation COM has provided services to military families living in Western New York. Our program is designed to help all military families cope with the stresses of deployment through creative expression, play, and various supportive programming. Our goal is to offer support to military families, to assist with healthy adjustment to both deployment and reunification; as well as to help families build relationships with other military families and their children.

For more information or to RSVP contact Sara Applin at sapplin@mhawny.org or call 716-886-1242 x310.

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