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"If I just had someone to talk to."

Just Tell One is a peer-to-peer prevention and early intervention awareness campaign targeted to teens and young adults focusing on depression, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse. Its mission is to give youth the tools, language and confidence to start the conversation about their mental or behavioral health issues.

Start Simple. Just Tell One.

Talking to one trusted person about your depression or substance abuse can be a huge relief and a turning point in your life. It reminds you that you are not alone. It gives you hope. And it’s the first step in getting the treatment you deserve.

Just Tell One PROVIDES:

  • Advice for youth seeking help
  • Advice for adults/peers giving help
  • Self-assessment quizzes
  • Peer-to-peer video messages
  • Downloadable toolkits (in seven languages)
  • WNY search engine for service providers
  • Tools and inspirations messaging across multiple social media channels

Bringing the Conversation Into the Classroom

JT1 Discussion Guide Program for Students is an extension of Just Tell One. It was created to bring the conversation about behavioral and mental health challenges into the classroom utilizing the many proven assets that have already helped thousands of at-risk youth in the WNY community.

The JT1 Discussion Guide Program stands on its own, or easily complements an existing mental health school curriculum. It also meets the social/emotional learning standard set by the NY State Education Department.

Designed to be an instructor-led, guided discussion, the online platform lends itself to both in-classroom or remote learning. Using a series of progressive topics to facilitate discussions, this program helps students to recognize behavioral and mental health challenges and connect with a trusted person for support.

To learn more about how to bring this program into your school or district or contact jt1@justtellone.org or call 716.245.6JT1 (6581).

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