BEST (basic emotional skills training)

Our staff provides BEST in two formats:

Teaching Kids to Care is for pre-kindergarten and features interactive classroom lessons that help your children develop the skills they need to make and keep friends, express their feelings appropriately and behave in the classroom.

Too Good for Violence is an evidence-based program for grades K-2 that uses cooperative learning, role play, games, small group activities and class discussions to help primary school students handle their emotions, improve their interpersonal skills and reduce aggressive behavior.

Both programs have been adapted for distance learning.

It Works!

Independent evaluation research proves that BEST has a positive impact on young children’s behavior.

What teachers are saying:

Our students are kinder to each other and better listeners.

Kids don’t always know how to deal with feelings appropriately. I loved setting aside the time to focus on feelings. Great program!

They have learned how to handle situations dealing with anger.

Enroll today.

BEST is available to all public and private schools in Erie and Niagara counties. Cost for the program averages $65 per student per year. Grant funding may be available.

To learn more about how you can bring BEST to your school, contact BEST Education Specialist Coordinator Laura Zimmerman at (716) 886-1242 x338 or email

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