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who we are

For 60 years, Mental Health Advocates of WNY (formerly Mental Health Association of Erie County) has been deeply committed to providing essential non-clinical services that address the needs of individuals, families and communities living with mental illness.

Through awareness, education, prevention, early intervention programs and supportive services, we advocate for and actively promote mental health and wellness for adults, families and children in homes, schools and workplaces across Western New York.

MHA is a team of experienced mental health advocates who provide resources, programs, and hope for our community. We promote mental health and well-being for people of all ages and demographics throughout Western New York. 

what we do

  • PRO BONO LEGAL SERVICES in civil matters for individuals with a mental health diagnosis
  • PEER SUPPORT GROUPS for youth, parents, 20-somethings and adults
  • INFORMATION & REFERRAL SERVICE to link individuals to treatment and other services
  • CHILD AND FAMILY SUPPORT to help families navigate the mental healthcare system and provide peer support
  • EMOTIONAL SKILLS TRAINING, PREVENTION & EARLY INTERVENTION in-school and virtual programs for students pre-k through 12.
  • WORKPLACE MENTAL WELL-BEING helping employees and employers achieve work-life balance

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